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American Canyon High School Theater

Locating Us

You will find the theater in the Visual, Performing and Culinary Arts or "B" Building, next to the Administration building adjacent to the front parking area.

3000 Newell Drive
American Canyon, CA 94503

theater view

American Canyon High School is home to a 400 seat, fully modern thrust proscenium theater.  Feature a 192 circuit per channel  ETC dimming and control system, the theater is equipped with a tension grid that covers the entire footprint of the stage space and a front of house lighting catwalk that spans the entire width of the seating space.


Both locations are accessible directly from the control booth along a "tech-ledge" walkway.  This space allows passage between back of house areas, performance technical support areas and the control booth as well as providing multiple options for follow-spot locations, moving lights and surround sound speaker devices.


Capabilities to acoustically "tune" the room are facilitated by the use of heavy-weight, pleated velour drapes that can be drawn along the back wall of the venue and medium weight drapes that can be drawn along the length of the upper "Tech Ledge" on either side of the seating area.  Additionally, the head space above the proscenium is left open from the stage to the audience environment and can be closed with the use of a medium weight drape to help dampen the room even further.

Nick Curtis

Auditorium Manager


Carole Toy

Asst. Auditorium Manager

Julie Hogan

Staff Secretary III

253-3549 Office

253-5963 Fax

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