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Multilingual Learner Information and Support

Services and Support

  • English Language and Literacy programs for English Learners (ELs)
  • Newcomer Services and Support
  • Dual Immersion Program Support
  • Professional Learning for Staff 
  • Private School Outreach
  • Language Proficiency Assessments
  • District English Language Advisory Committee (DELAC)
  • Alternative Reclassification Process for Dual-Identified (EL & Special Education) Students

Multilingual Learners Services

Second Language Learner Services oversees language reclassification of English Learner (EL) students through testing for English language proficiency and monitoring and supporting student progress. NVUSD is committed to bringing all ELs to grade level academic success through three core beliefs:

  • All educators are responsible for the language development of ELs, applying integrated and designated English Language Development (ELD).
  • English Learners can achieve at high levels with the right supports.
  • The family language and cultural resources of students are tremendous assets to their learning and to the community

Second Language Learner Services provides parents, teachers, and principals with the tools and resources to ensure English Learners make progress toward reclassification. Together, we can ensure our ELs thrive as a part of the NVUSD community and in our global, multilingual world.


Dual Language Immersion

This program is designed to support all students in developing language and academic content in two languages, achieving full bilingualism and biliteracy. NVUSD utilizes a two-way immersion model. Two-way programs provide instruction for no less than 50% of the time in the target language (e.g., Spanish) in elementary school and 30% in middle and high school.

There are many benefits to enrolling your child in a dual language program:

  • Dual-language students outperform all other language subgroups academically, including students speaking only native English

  • Research has shown that "there is a well-established positive relationship between basic thinking skills and being a fully proficient bilingual who maintains regular use of both languages." 

  • Increasingly, proficiency in a second language and intercultural competency skills increase employment options.

More Dual Language Immersion Information