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Aeries Parent and Student Portal and Data Confirmation


To complete Data Confirmation, starting August 9, 2021:
1. You can only complete data confirmation in a web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Do NOT try to use the Aeries smartphone app.
2. Look for the ParentSquare from NVUSD asking you to start Data Confirmation or go to step 3 after August 9, 2021.
3. Log into your 
 Aeries Parent Portal account; you must have an email address to login to Aeries. Click here to learn how to create an email address.
4. A box will appear asking you to start Data Confirmation.
5. Review and update your student’s information.
6. Make sure to  Save and Continue to move through each section.
7. When you finish data confirmation in Aeries you are given the choice to see your child’s emergency contact card information, review this to make sure it is correct.
During the school year:
If you need to make changes to your student's information during the school year, sign in to your Aeries Parent Portal, go to Student Data and click Data Confirmation. 
 For more details about completing Data Data Confirmation, open our Parent Instructions for Data Confirmation (ENGLISH / SPANISH)
Forms Required for Data Confirmation
Certain documents require completion every year for data confirmation. Please see below for easy access to read the documents before logging into Aeries. These documents will be displayed during the Aeries Data Confirmation process and will require your input. Thank you.






School Services: ENGLISH and SPANISH

NVUSD Home Based Screener: ENGLISH and SPANISH

Every year data confirmation allows parents to:
~ view and update important information such as emergency contacts, 
~ review District and school policies, and
~ approve forms the District must have for every student, including technology use, media release, etc.
~Update income in Titan and complete technology forms that help NVUSD collect money from the state and federal government. 
Student schedules/classroom assignments will be available for families who have completed the Data Confirmation on the Aeries Parent Portal prior to the first day of school. 
Note: New students entering NVUSD must register first before participating in Data Confirmation.
New student registration and enrollment information


Aeries student information system

Aeries is NVUSD's online student information system for teachers, administrators, students, and parents. Aeries allows users to view student information such as attendance records, grades, assignments, and completed college requirements.

The AERIES Parent Portal allows parents and students to find up-to-date information about grades and attendance online. You must have an email to create an account. Watch this video to learn how to create an email address.