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ALPS Project Zone Portal Page


Student Access

1. Students must obtain their NVUSD Google username and password from their teacher.  Students must have a signed NVUSD Technology Use Agreement and Consent Form on file at their school in order to receive this information.

2. Students will click on the ALPS Project Zone website link on this page where they will be prompted to enter their NVUSD Google username and password.

ALPS Project Zone screen

enter the project zone website

Digital Tools for Projects

To access from home or another location outside of school, use the following Username/Password combination:


britannica elementary portalbritannica middle school portal
britannica high school portal


britannica escolar prim

britannica escolar secundaria

More Information

The ALPS Project Zone addresses the following education standards for grades 4-6:

Each school implements the ALPS Project Zone differently—  if you are curious, ask your school’s ALPS Lead how it is being used at your school.

The ALPS Project Zone can be accessed from home.




ALPS Project Zone Coordinator
Carrie Strohl


ALPS wordle diagram

Tool Kit for Teachers