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Choice is one of the highest motivators!

Create a Choice Board:

  1. Download the choice board template.
  2. Pick projects and sites from this page to create a board for your student keeping your student's interests in mind.
  3. Establish a working agreement and an activity log for students to establish expectations.

>  Choice Board tools


Here's an example of a choice board

ALPS choice board example

>  Mix and match resources to create your own choice board

Cluster Grouping

What is it?  A group of up to 8 students who score in the top 5-10 percent on a combination of assessments. 

What is it for?  The goal is to lessen the span of needs in the classroom.  Although personalities, gender balancing, and results of formative and summative assessments will also be factors when putting together class lists/ schedules, this will help the process of planning class configurations for the next school year.  It will also help ALPS get resources to classrooms that need them the most.

>  Cluster Grouping tools