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Resources for Teachers and Administrators


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ALPS assists teachers with providing opportunities that leverage all students' strengths and passions to keep them engaged in the learning process so they may reach their full potential. 

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All ALPS Leads have access to the ALPS Lead Portal, which provides a repository of information to share with their sites about all of the above topics and additional recommended resources on the topics below.

Classroom instruction that incorporates Differentiation, Depth and Complexity icons, and Choice Boards/Learning Menus sufficiently challenges most students. 

Differentiation is used across the curriculum, especially using district-adopted resources, to vary the quantity, pace, support, difficulty, product, etc. of standards-based outcomes. For example, if a student has already mastered their “times tables” in math they do not get more of the same. Instead, they may be assigned more challenging word problems to develop critical thinking.

Depth and Complexity Icons are embedded into the curriculum during small-group or whole-class instruction. They provide visual prompts that encourage students to think critically and make deep connections.

Choice Boards/Learning Menus extends the curriculum through independent work. This tool provides an opportunity for teachers and students to design a contract or task card that consists of activities and assignments that the student completes at his/her own pace.

We also identify students who would benefit from supplemental services and who are invited to participate in the annual ALPS Open House. Supplemental services are delivered differently at each site, but often include ALPS Project Zone, Digital Learning, Extracurricular Academies, and other options.


Project-based learning opportunities for students to develop academic, artistic, creative, or leadership potential.

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Extracurricular class offered outside of the scheduled school day. Open to all advanced learners across the district.


  • Acceleration: increasing the pace of instruction in one or more subject areas, working in a different grade level for one or more subject areas, or moving up a grade level altogether. 

  • Clustering: grouping students who perform in the top 5-10% of the grade level into one classroom so they benefit from working with peers with similar learning needs.

  • Special Class: pull-out program working as a group of advanced learners with a non-classroom teacher on special projects or topics