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Blue Bins & Rapid Reads

Beginning in 2018/19 Library Services is implementing several projects to support English Learners. Two in particular seek to address the needs our students by providing access to resources that will help build English proficiency and reading skills. 

If you have questions about how these projects are being implemented at your school, please contact Library Services at the District Office.


Blue Bins Project
For Elementary Students

For elementary students Library Services sponsors the Blue Bin project to help meet the needs of struggling readers and ESL learners.

Finding reading material for students who have a limited vocabulary set and a limited understanding of complex grammatical, sentence or plot structure can be complex and challenging. With this in mind, Library Services has built paperback book collections that circulate to classrooms as a set. Each Blue Bin contains carefully selected titles that are engaging with easily accessible.

In its pilot year (2018/19) Library Services began with kindergarten through second grade creating a bins for each grade. These bins will be checked out to teachers through the school library for a specified time period. Teachers may exchange bins as they become available.  

We are excited to provide this important new resource and look forward to receiving feedback as we engage in this project and expand in subsequent years.


rapid reads
For Secondary Students

For Secondary Students, Library Services sponsors Rapid Reads! This special collection of books was curated to provide accessible pleasure reading. There is strong evidence linking reading for pleasure with improved educational outcomes.

With this in mind, Library Services has developed Rapid Reads!  Rapid Reads! is a special collection of popular, high-interest, low-level titles primarily for middle and high school readers. These titles are available in three different formats (print, eBook and audio book) for easy access. Students can pick up print versions in their school library and digital formats including audio through the Overdrive/Sora platform.

A Rapid Reads! collection is also available in digital format only for elementary students through Overdrive/Sora.

*If you are aware of a high school student who would benefit from access to the Rapid Reads! collection via the middle school portal, please contact Library Services at the District Office to facilitate access.


Access Rapid Reads! Online

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