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College and Career Readiness @ NVUSD

Students: Sign up now for the Napa Valley Education Foundation's Virtual Career Academy. Where you have the opportunity to earn a certificate that can help you get a great job!  It is free to all high school students! Click here for more info.

Upcoming topics:

April- Entrepreneur: Owning your own business 

May- Human Services: Therapist, Social Worker, Counselor 

Virtual Career Day is an opportunity for 6th -12th grade students to hear from local employers in a webinar setting. Each career day will be focused on a different industry. Career Days at NVUSD are an important part of career exploration for students at the middle and high school level. 

career presenters

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NVUSD Contact

Amber Cleveland
Work-based Learning Coordinator
(707) 253-3815  x4844


Did you miss Virtual Career Day?


Naviance Career Exploration


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The Student Journey with Naviance
Scope and Sequence

Cte Resourses and courses



A student may complete a maximum of converted 40 high school credits in college courses to be credited toward high school graduation when it is determined by the student, parent/guardian, and counselor that the student is, for a good reason, unable to take the course of study offered at the high school. Students may enroll in additional courses that exceed the A-G graduation requirements for further study.

Board Policies and Administrative Regulations Governing Concurrent Enrollment

Board Policy 6172.1  Administrative Regulation 6172.1

Credit Translation for High School Credit:

Students may count any 3 unit, 4 unit, or 5 unit UC/CSU transferable course (100 level or above) as the equivalent of a year long high school course and receives up to 10 high school credits.

  • For all other community college courses, 1 college unit = 1.5 high school credits.

  • Students may receive a weighted GPA for up to four UC/CSU transferable courses entered on the High School transcript.

Enrollment Process for High School Credit:

  • Complete NVC High School Permit to Attend

    • Review with Parents/Guardians and Counselor.

    • Ensure that you include your High School on the Permit.

    • Determine if you are taking a course for High School Credit.

    • Ensure class for High School Credit is on the Approved List on the next page.

Enrollment Process for College Credit Only:

Questions or Concerns:

  • Contact your School’s Student Services Office for more information

The NVUSD Internship Program is a structured program between 8-12 weeks in length, consisting of 60 hours of set, scheduled hours of on site career exploration and work learning. Students participate in the program to gain a real perspective of a potential career path prior to making post-secondary educational decisions.

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student helping with clinical research

students in sheriffs dept internship

NVUSD Mentor Programs are designed to give students 16 years and older a look into what entry level jobs are like in Napa Valley’s key industries. We want students to see what is being offered in terms of not only a job but a potential career in the Valley. These programs are unique in that they are inclusive of all students including those with special needs and those at risk. The programs are designed with key industry partners which are experts in their specific industry to ensure students are getting a real taste of the career.

student in Resorting to Opportunity