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Evans Auditorium


District auditorium view

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The NVUSD Auditorium cannot currently be reserved online.  Please email your detailed request to Marie McMurray at the NVUSD Facilities Service Office at, 707-253-6281.


Holding a total of 650 fixed seats, the theater's seating area is split between a 470 seat main floor and a 180 seat balcony.  Additional temporary seating can be added on the orchestra floor that is immediately forward of the stage, in front of the 1st fixed row of seats.  The orchestra floor will accommodate up to a maximum of 60 standard folding chairs, bringing total maximum occupancy to 710.

Close attention was paid to the acoustical nature of the theater during its remodel.  The acoustical consultant was tasked with designing an environment that would be most beneficial for the wide variety of performance styles and applications foreseen in the space.

The examples given to the consultant ranged from unamplified speech to 100+ member symphony orchestras.  200 voice choirs, marching bands, musical and dramatic theater as well as high volume, hi fidelity music playback for dance were among the stated uses.

With a focus on providing a space that was live enough for choral music while not being to reverbrant for the amplified applications, an RT60 time of approximately 1.6 seconds was achieved through a combination of structural designs (scalloped soffits, multi-layered ceiling, etc.) and choice of materials used.

Having hosted massed choirs of over 300, marching bands, jazz ensembles, small accapella groups, lectures, dramatic presentations and the true test, modern dance shows and live rock and roll concerts, we can safely say that the acoustical design has performed as admirably as the performers that have taken advantage of it.  Each event has been nothing less than a wonderful success from the standpoint of the way the room sounds naturally.

Then there is the custom designed sound system that so comfortably brings recorded and amplified music into the already comfortably sounding room.  But, that is something for another page.

The sound system is built around a custom designed Renkus-Heinz center cluster array.  The three box main array is supplemented by Renkus-Heinz Balcony In-fill delays and Meyer under-balcony in-fill delays.  The entire speaker system is controlled by a BSS 8810 system processor/controller.

With amplified monitor feeds to the stage, fly loft, tension grid and balcony rail, special effect and/or monitor speakers can be located thoughout the listening and performance areas.

The modest microphone inventory includes a half dozen multi-purpose microphones, four wireless Shure units with a combination of lavaliere and handheld transmitters in addition to a some direct boxes for interfacing playback and musical equipment to the sound system.

For lighting, a 108 circuit, dimmer per channel, ETC dimming and control system is the resident dimming system.  A 12 channel, 2.4kw Unison rack and 96 channels of 2.4kw dimmers housed in a Sensor rack are controlled via a 48/96 Express console w/ RFU and custom designed, LCD touchpanel Stage Manager's panels (one portable and one fixed DSR).

An ethernet based ETCnet and DMX network system is distributed throughout the building.  This allows multiple control points, DMX device and touring node use in addition to remote location of video nodes.

The lighting fixture inventory are all brand new ETC Source Four ellipsoidals (a mixture of 50 deg., 36 deg., 26 deg. and 19 deg. instruments), Altman 6"fresnels, L& E multi-circuit striplights and Thomas designed Par64s.  When all are counted the inventory totals more than 125 instruments.

There are no company disconnect services available, however, ample parking for a show generator is.

A 2 channel Clearcom intercom system is installed.  Populated by (4) 2 channel beltpacks, (4) single channel beltpacks, (3) backstage/dressing rm/green rm wall speaker stations, communication between the control areas, stage, operater area, lighting postions and backstage production rooms is easily maintained.

Additionally, there is a distributed video monitoring system so that the backstage production rooms can maintain visual/audible awareness of the stage activities.



Nick Curtis

Auditorium Manager

(707) 732-6048


Kyle Heartt

Asst. Auditorium Manager





The NVUSD Auditorium is located at the NVUSD Education Center, 2425 Jefferson Street, Napa