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School Board District Elections

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NVUSD has initiated the legal process to transition to trustee-area based elections for Board of Education members (trustees) to be in place for the November 2020 elections. This will require a redistricting of the areas represented by our current trustees. We are seeking community input on the development of trustee area boundaries and invite the public to participate by attending one of several hearings we are hosting.

Date/Time Location

March 12

7:00 PM

Board of Education meeting at District offices in Napa.

Child care will be available on site during the public hearing.

March 26

7:00 PM

Board of Education meeting online. More information

March 25

Canceled due to COVID-19 health directives.

Spanish-only community meeting for DELAC/ELAC families.


If you cannot attend a meeting, please email your comments to

Participate with Online Tools
NVUSD residents can participate in the redistricting process despite the fact that many may be sheltering in place and meetings may be cancelled.

Español | Tagalog

Presentation: The Redistricting Process and How to Participate

Redistricting Glossary

Understanding the Term "Community of Interest"

Describe your Community of Interest and Proposed Boundaries

How to Use Google Maps to Create a Community of Interest

Online Interactive District Viewer 
This map that allows residents to look at the current trustee areas along with the underlying population distribution. Using this tool, residents can find out how densely populated their areas of interest are, and get a general idea of what is possible given the population distribution. Instructions
Online Redistricting Drawing Tool 
Try your hand at redrawing the boundaries, then submit them to us. Instructions


Frequently Asked Questions

A: The District currently uses an at-large system of electing its governing Board members, which means candidates must reside within the designated trustee area that they represent, but they are voted upon by all registered voters in the District. A district-based system of electing trustees means that candidates must reside in the trustee area that they desire to represent, and will be voted upon only by the voters who reside in that trustee area.

A: While NVUSD and the Board support enacting trustee-area based elections, it was preferred to make this transition in time for the 2022 election timeframe, which would have allowed us more time to engage the community in determining new trustee area boundaries.  However, due to a demand letter under the California Voting Rights Act, received in January of this year, we felt it prudent to expedite the process and avoid the risk of incurring unnecessary and significant litigation costs if we did not transition to trustee-area elections in time for the November 2020 deadline. We are still meeting all the obligations related to this process, albeit in a truncated timeframe.

A: No. Although the City of Napa is also transitioning to area-based elections for city council elections, NVUSD covers different jurisdictions, including parts of Yountville and American Canyon, and therefore is conducting its own process. For more information on the city election transition process, please visit