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Enrolling in NVUSD

Students are assigned to their school of residence, which is defined as "the assigned neighborhood school based on a student's Napa County home address." 

Harvest and River Middle School Information
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School Registration

School Registration is for students not currently enrolled in a NVUSD school.

School Registration October-December and Late School Registration January-August 

School Registration is for new kindergarten students, new transitional kindergarten students, and all students not currently enrolled in a NVUSD school, either in-person or virtual. School Registration is also for students who may have previously attended NVUSD, withdrew from NVUSD, and are now returning to NVUSD.

Age requirement for new students for Fall: To be enrolled in kindergarten, students must turn 5 years old on or before September TK blocks1, 2021. Children turning 5 after September 1 may be eligible for Transitional Kindergarten

How does a family complete registration? You will first need to create an online enrollment account using your email address or mobile phone number. The system will ask for your contact information and student health information, as well as for you to upload specific documents. A confirmation message via email or text message will be sent to the online enrollment user account to confirm completion of registration.    

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What documents are required for new registration and will be requested for upload into the online enrollment account? Please refer to Documents Required for Registration on this page to ensure all documents are available for upload at the time of creating and completing enrollment. 

What if a family does not have immunization records to upload at the time of new registration? A parent/guardian may complete the registration and provide immunization records prior to the student attending the first day of school. Immunization Records are required for the following: Polio, DTP, Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR), Varicella (Chicken Pox), and Hepatitis B.

Why is completing a lunch application during registration for the Free and Reduced Price Meal Program (FRPM) important? Many parents are unaware of its importance, whether or not they qualify for free or reduced price meals as the FRPM actually affects a variety of areas in addition to school meals, including school funding, instrument rentals,  internet access, college application fees and SAT exam fees. Even if a child doesn't plan to eat school lunches, it is important for all families to fill out the FRPM application to ensure our schools and families receive the available resources. The application and more information is available at

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is the annual application process for an NVUSD student to request to attend a school other than their resident school. Open Enrollment (TK-12) for 2021-22 was November 2 - December 4, 2020.

Out-of-district students may also apply through the annual open enrollment process.    

Location & Contacts

NVUSD Education Center, Room 106
(707) 253-3435

The online enrollment system is available 24 hours per day 

The Enrollment Center is open daily, Monday-Friday, 8 am - 4 pm for in person support  

Please note, Tuesdays 12 - 2 pm  personnel may be limited during a weekly meeting/training 

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Documents Required for Registration
Student Documents Parent/Guardian Documents

One of the following showing date of birth:

  • birth certificate
  • passport
  • county recorder statement 
  • hospital certificate 
  • official baptismal certificate
  • adoption record
  • affidavit of the parent/guardian

Health Assessments Forms:

These forms need to be turned into the resident school site.

Immunization records: 

  • Polio 
  • Diphtheria/Tetanus/Perussis (DTP) 
  • Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR)
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox) 
  • Hepatitis B


Report cards or transcripts will be required for high school or out of district transfer students.

Photo ID:

  • driver's license,
  • CA State ID,
  • passport, or
  • military ID, and to virtually verify for the safety of students, a
  • picture of parent/guardian holding a photo ID: driver's license, CA State ID, passport, or military ID. 
  • Caregiver affidavit (if applicable)

Address verification: 

  • rental/lease agreement or the property tax/mortgage statement.
  • Two current bills: telephone, PG&E, cable, W-2, paystub, vehicle registration, bank statement, credit card statement, government voter registration or other government document within the last 60 days.
  • Residency Affidavit if sharing a residence.

Address Verification Instructions

Residency FAQs

Notice Regarding Fraudulent Enrollment

Transfer Requests and Change of Address

Types of School Transfers

Transfer Requests are for intra- and inter-district transfers. 

What's the difference?

intra-district  transfer a student changes from one NVUSD school to another NVUSD school
inter-district transfer a student from another school district attends NVUSD

Transfer Request

Intra-district Information

If a family has a change of address, but the new address does not change a school placement, is it necessary to complete a transfer request? No, simply email the school and the school will assist the family. 

If a family has a change of address, and the new address changes the school placement for the current school attending, yet the family wants to remain at the school until either 5th, 8th, or 12th grades, is it necessary to complete a transfer request? No, simply email or contact the school and the school will assist the family.

If a family has a change of address, and the new address changes the school placement and the family requests to (immediately or at the end of the school year) move the student to the new resident school, is it necessary to complete a transfer request? Yes, complete a transfer at online enrollment account.

Inter-district Information

How does a family, living outside of the NVUSD attendance area, request to attend a NVUSD school? Please create an online enrollment account to complete an inter-district application. We encourage you to contact NVUSD for assistance.  

What is needed to complete an inter-district application? Families will need to provide proof of release from their resident district on an Inter-District Transfer Application and Agreement form. 

If an inter-district transfer request is approved, how does a parent/guardian complete registration for their student? The parent/guardian will access their online enrollment account to complete registration.  

Enrollment Staff

Enrollment Center
Elementary and Secondary (TK-12) enrollment 
Intra-district Transfers
(NVUSD school to NVUSD school)

Inter-District Transfers
(K-12 transferring in or out of NVUSD)

Dr. Christine Gross
MSAP Grant

Christina Roberts
Senior Enrollment Specialist

Guadalupe Casarrubias Maza
Enrollment Specialist

Yuri Hernandez-Rojas
Enrollment Specialist 

 Ana Lavoy
Administrative Clerk

Denise Horn
MSAP Magnet Grant
Senior Support

Yuri Hernandez-Rojas 

About Inter-District Transfers
(707) 253-3435

The Enrollment Center is open daily, Monday-Friday,

8 am - 4 pm