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Intra-District Transfer

Students in classrooms

Open Enrollment Intradistrict Transfer          

NVUSD offers Intradistrict Enrollment during the annual Open Enrollment period of October 15 - November 30.   Open Enrollment is covered under Board Policy 5116.1 and is located here (click "board policies and administrative regulations).  Open Enrollment is the primary method for students to transfer schools. The capacity levels of schools are reviewed annually by the Superintendent or designee.  

Capacity is based on a number of factors including, but not limited to the following: projected enrollment, ensuring seats for resident students, teachers working at a site,  program needs, ensuring enrollment balance to the greatest extent possible, and other factors.  

Intradistrict Transfer Outside of Open Enrollment Window

Approval of Intradistrict Transfers outside of the Open Enrollment Intradistrict Transfers are approved based on exceptions only.  It is not intended to be a second chance at Open Enrollment, but an option to address special circumstances that are primarily based on documented safety issues.  This is especially true for our impacted schools that have a waitlist from the Fall Open Enrollment window.  The intra-district transfer policy can be found here.  A summary of this policy is as follows:

  • Victim of a violent crime while on school grounds (20 USC 7912)

  • Victim of an act of bullying committed by another district student, as determined through an investigation following the parent/guardian's submission of a written complaint with the school, district, or local law enforcement agency pursuant to Education Code 234.1 (Education Code 46600)

  • Experiencing special circumstances that might be harmful or dangerous to the student in the current attendance area - a written statement from a representative of an appropriate state or local agency, including but not necessarily limited to, a law enforcement official, social worker, or properly licensed or registered professional.

  • A court order

  • A sibling of another student already attending that school and who will be attending the school at the same time as the new student

  • School selected for the intra-district transfer is the primary place of parent/guardian employment as verified by the NVUSD Human Resource Department  

  • Other

  • To attend a non-boundary program