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Open Enrollment

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TK-12 GRADE: OCTOBER 15- NOVEMBER 30, 2023          

Open Enrollment is the annual application process for an NVUSD student to request to attend a school other than their resident school. Out-of-district students may also apply through the annual open enrollment process. If you have not enrolled in our district, this page is not for you--please visit our enrollment webpage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is open enrollment?
Open enrollment is an option to apply to a school other than a student’s resident school.

Can out-of-district families participate in open enrollment?
Yes! Families who do not live in the NVUSD attendance boundary are welcome and encouraged to complete an open enrollment application.  

How do families complete open enrollment?
Families use the online enrollment system at  

When will families be notified of open enrollment offers and/or waitlists?
Families will be notified in December.

How do families not in the dual language immersion program apply to the Unidos Middle School? Families are encouraged and welcome to complete an open enrollment application.  

How do families in the dual language immersion program enroll into Unidos Middle School? Dual language immersion students will automatically be enrolled into Unidos Middle School.  

How do NVUSD families apply to New Tech High?
Students can apply to New Technology High through an intra-district transfer request or during open enrollment. 

How do out of district families apply to New Tech High? Families are encouraged and welcome to complete an open enrollment application.  

What if my child is in homeschool, a private school, Stone Bridge Charter, or not enrolled in a NVUSD school and I want to participate in open enrollment?
If your child is living within NVUSD boundaries, you will need to complete school registration into your child’s resident school and then complete open enrollment. This ensures your child receives a NVUSD resident priority.  

Are special education students eligible to participate in open enrollment?
Yes, NVUSD values equity and therefore all families are welcome to complete an open enrollment application. The special education department will work with families to ensure the instructional program offered at the requested school meets the student's needs as prescribed in the Individual Education Plan (IEP). Many special education students will be placed at a particular school based on their IEP, without the need for open enrollment. 

Is transportation provided to open enrollment students?
Parents/guardians are responsible for providing transportation to open enrollment schools.  

May we change our minds if we accept an open enrollment seat?
An open enrollment student becomes an official student of the new school. Families may apply to return to resident schools during the next annual open enrollment period or submit an intra-district transfer due to hardship. At NVUSD, we have set teacher-student ratios for optimal learning environments, therefore a student might not be able to return to the resident school when requested.  

Why are school registration and open enrollment in the Fall of each school year rather than at the end of each school year?
During the fall after school registration and open enrollment closes, the district has to notify families, complete the student management system and determine waitlists. The timeline also allows families to accept/decline placement offers and helps prepare them for the transition to a new grade or school. January through April is needed to determine staffing needs at each school and hire additional staff as needed.