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School Registration

Students throughout NVUSD School District

TK-12 GRADE: Opens OCTOBER 15, 2023      

The school registration process is for any student who is not currently enrolled in an NVUSD school and lives within the NVUSD boundaries. We welcome and encourage all families to register during the NVUSD registration and open enrollment period, October 15 - November 30. Registrations received after November 30 may be considered late registrations. We encourage families to register early and we are here to support you! 

District Residency Policy


School Registration Link

The registration site above will prompt you to create an account and will list all documentation needed to complete the registration process.

School of Residence

A student’s Napa County home address determines their school of residence.

School Locator - Interactive Map

Work continues to align the interactive map to school location.  For most accurate resident school placement please click SCHOOL OF RESIDENCE and look up your physical address for confirmation of school.

If you live within the NVUSD boundaries and you wish to enroll your student in a different school that is not your school of residence you can do that in one of two ways: