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School Registration FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions       

When is school registration for the next school year (2024-25)?
October 15 - November 30, 2023

Who completes school registration?
Registration is for children who are not currently attending an NVUSD school but plan to attend NVUSD next school year. 

What is Transitional Kindergarten?
Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is a wonderful opportunity for children to attend school one year before they start kindergarten. 

Who can attend TK?
All 4 year old children who turn 5 years old between September 2 - June 2 will be eligible to enroll in a NVUSD school for 2024-25. 

Where will the TK schools be located?
All NVUSD elementary schools now offer a TK program!

Will after school programs be available for my child? Yes, there are quality and enriching after school programs for NVUSD students. 

How do families complete school registration?
Families use the online enrollment system at   

How do families not in the dual language immersion program apply to Unidos Middle School? Families are welcome and encouraged to complete open enrollment. 

How do families in the dual language immersion program enroll in Unidos Middle School? Dual language immersion students will automatically be enrolled into Unidos Middle School and may contact the Enrollment Center to request to attend their resident middle schools. 

How do families apply to New Tech High?
Families can apply during open enrollment or through an intra-district enrollment request.

Why are school registration and open enrollment in the Fall of each school year rather than at the end of each school year?
During the fall after school registration and open enrollment close, the district has to notify families, complete the student management system and determine waitlists. The timeline also allows families to accept/decline placement offers and helps prepare them for the transition to a new grade or school. January through April is needed to determine staffing needs at each school and hire additional staff as needed.