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Student OneCard

What is the Student OneCard Program?

Through a unique partnership with the Napa County Library, NVUSD Library Services is able to provide students access to public library resources using their student ID number.

  • All NVUSD students IDs serve as a Napa County Library card
  • Students have full access to Napa County Library resources
  • Students are automatically enrolled in the program unless a parent choose to opt-out of this service.
  • Service to new students is activated at the beginning of each school year after a brief period to allow parents to opt-out if desired (usually by the first of October). 
  • Continuing students retain access year-to year until they graduate or leave NVUSD.
student ID library card


The Student OneCard Program allows NVUSD students to…

  • Borrow up to 5 items from any Napa County Library location.
  • Receive free on-line, one-on-one homework tutoring in English or Spanish in all major subjects.
  • Use public library computers at any of the four library locations.
  • Request books from partner libraries, including academic collections.
  • Use and download music, eBooks, magazines and other electronic resources 24/7 via the Napa County Library website.

Note: Parents are responsible for their children’s use of library resources.

How to Use the OneCard to access Napa County Library Resources...

  • When prompted for your library card number, use the prefix "nvusd" in front of your six-digit student ID number (eg., nvusd123456). Some resources require that you use all caps (e.g.NVUSD123456) so try both if you are denied access.
  • Most products do not require it but IF asked for a PIN enter your date of birth [month day year] using 8 digits, no spaces or slashes. (e.g. for May 7, 2011: 05072011).
  • Report difficulties here
  • Ask your teacher if you do not know your ID number.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost for my student to participate?

A: The Student OneCard program is 100% FREE!

Q: What student information will Napa Valley Unified School District share with the Napa County Library (NCL)?

A: 1) Student's Name, 2) Student ID number, 3) Home address and phone number, 4) Student’s Date of birth,  5) Parent and/or guardian’s name, and 6) email for Parent/guardian. Napa County Library has signed an agreement not to share student information with other entities. 

Q: What if I don’t want my child to participate in the Student OneCard Program?

A: Opt-out forms are submitted online. Click here to opt-out [English / Spanish]. Opt-out forms must be submitted by the middle of September each year. If you miss this deadline you must contact NCL to have your OneCard deactivated.

Q: What if I want my child to have full access to Napa County Library services and materials?

A: The One Card will provide full access to online resources. Borrowing limits are set at 5 items…a full access NCL card gives your child access to up to 50 items. If you would like to extend your child’s access, you may do so by visiting a branch of the NCL.

Q: What if I don’t want my child to check out materials?

A: Visit a branch of the NCL to have your child’s card changed to online resources only.

Q: What if my child already has a Napa County Library card?

A: If your child already has a card with NCL, their student ID number will be set up for electronic access to online resources. This will enable your child to use NCL resources from home and school via the internet. Your child can continue to use his/her NCL card to check out materials and for additional online access. If you would like to merge the two cards, visit a branch of the NCL. This would replace your child’s existing library card number with his/her student ID number.