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SchoolCash Online

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SchoolCash Online is an easy-to-use and safe way for families to pay children’s school fees and guests to buy tickets to events or make donations to ASB. Now, with a few clicks, families can pay for yearbooks, class trips and so much more.

Click here to register or buy tickets as a guest! Other benefits of registering for SchoolCash online are: 

  • A secure and safe alternative to paying in cash for students whose families have debit or credit cards

  • Transparency, see and pay school activity fees on personal devices

  • Receive email notifications in over 100 languages

  • Access to account history at any time

  • Make payments online

  • SchoolCash accepts many different payment forms

  • Risk reduction and support for school programs that sell tickets to the public

  • Contactless option that eliminates need for students to carry cash to school

  • Enables schools to electronically collect fees for events through the guest checkout option

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. What is SchoolCash?

  • A convenient, contactless way to manage school fees and event tickets.

  1. Why SchoolCash?

  • This system enables ASB funds to be electronically collected in compliance with California State Education code 5121 and Board Policy 3452. The many other benefits of an electronic payment systems (see below for more details).

  1. Can families still pay with cash?

  • Yes. We prefer families use SchoolCash, but we understand that some famlies may still need to pay with cash.

  1. What are the benefits of using SchoolCash?

  • For families with debit or credit cards, it is a secure and safe way to pay school fees, buy school items/event tickets, and make donations to ASB.

  • Eliminates the need for students to bring cash to school for families with debit or credit cards.

  • All families enjoy access to transparent billing and access to an account history.

  • Risk reduction and support for school programs that sell tickets to the public.

  1. Do families need to register to pay school fees, make donations, and buy event tickets online with a credit or debit card?

  • Families need to register online to pay school fees with a credit card or debit. Donations, event tickets, and any other public items can be purchased by guests with a credit card or debit card. 

  1. Will families that register for SchoolCash receive notifications when new fees are added?

  • Yes! You will receive an email from that looks like the image below. 

A sample email that parents will receive from KEV School Solutions when a new bill is added to their child's account.
  1. Can families receive email notifications in their preferred language?

  • Yes! SchoolCash can send email notifications in over 100 languages.

  1. How do parents attach their children to their account? When parents register for SchoolCash they are prompted to add their children. To do so, they have to select and provide:

  • Napa Valley Unified School District

  • Their child’s school

  • Their child’s ID number or name

  • Their child’s birthday

A parent has already registered, how do they add another child?  In the upper right hand corner, select add student. 

  1. If someone wants to register but does not have a child in the district what should they do when prompted to register their child?

  • Under the confirm button, click on, “I don’t want to add a student.”

  1. Is School Cash required?

  • No, it is simply an easy option beyond cash.