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Student Welfare & Attendance Services

About Student Walkouts

NVUSD absolutely encourages our students to become active and informed citizens through civic engagement and community action; in fact, NVUSD believes that civic engagement is an essential aspect of a complete and well-rounded education. 

We also understand that in these politically complex times, students need ways to process and communicate their thoughts and feelings about the many current issues.

We can't, however, as a District, encourage or permit students to "walk out" for any reason. 

If students are interested in an observance or activity, they are encouraged to approach their principal about planning an educational activity that does not disrupt the school day or learning.

In the event that a school cannot prevent a student walkout, designated staff will accompany the students, taking action to control and resolve the situation (based on law enforcement and/or other District input), and work to return the students to school safely.

For students who do leave campus, the usual unexcused absence attendance protocols apply.