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Inter-District Transfer


NVUSD welcomes applications for students who wish to transfer from another district into NVUSD. All inter-district transfer applications must be approved and our enrollment office is happy to assist you.

What are the steps to the inter-district process?

Step 1: The family requests an interdistrict release document from their child's school district. The family also requests most recent transcripts or report cards to include behavior and attendance. 
Step 2: The family completes the NVUSD interdistrict application online at The family uploads the signed release form from their child's school district and all required documents.
Step 3: Then NVUSD reviews the request. If approved, the interdistrict release document will be signed as approved by NVUSD and returned to the family. If denied, the interdistrict release document will be signed as denied by NVUSD and returned to the family with a denial letter. The denial letter will identify the reason(s) for the denial as outlined in Policy 5117 Interdistrict Attendance and California Education Code 46600.2. The documentation of approval or denial will be sent to the family through the family's schoolmint account email.    
Step 4: Approved families return to their enrollment account at and select out-of-district registration. The family uploads the approved interdistrict release document signed by NVUSD and all other required school registration documents. The out-of-district registration will be changed to a NVUSD school and the NVUSD school will contact the family.  

How much time does the inter-district process normally take?

Policy 5117 Interdistrict Attendance allows a school district 30 calendar days after receiving an interdistrict request to respond. We hope to welcome your child soon!  


Can an interdistrict transfer be revoked? Yes, an interdistict transfer permit may be revoked. The parent/guardian acknowledges this during the completion of an interdistrict application. Napa Valley Unified School District remains committed to providing quality educational experiences for all interdistrict students. Transfer applications may be approved or denied based upon: limited district resources, overcrowding of school facilities at the relevant grade level, or other considerations that are not arbitrary. (BP/AR 5117 Interdistrict Attendance). Non arbitrary considerations for approving, denying, or revoking NVUSD interdistrict transfer requests also include: continued disciplinary problems, failure to comply with school rules/policies, academic performance, continued unexcused absences/tardiness, or fraudulent interdistrict applications.



Have questions about the Inter-District transfer process?

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