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Dr. Mucetti is taking her "Coffee with the Superintendent" event virtual.

She is going live on Facebook on Friday, April 3, from 9:30 - 10:30 am to answer your questions about the district and the impact of COVID-19 on teaching and learning, operations and other topics.

If you have a question please submit it in advance here and we will do our best to cover the majority of concerns.

Posted 3/31/20

Napa County Office County of Education announced that, along with NVUSD, all public schools will now be closed through at least May 1. This coordinated decision was made with Dr. Relucio, Dr. Nemko, and the superintendents of the 4 districts in our county to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Many other schools throughout the Bay Area and most recently in Los Angeles, are making similar determinations. The official NCOE announcement can be found here.

This impacts every one of us in many ways. NVUSD is working hard every day to ensure learning continues for our students in the best way possible. For now, we continue our short-term plan while we work to implement a longer-term solution during this rapidly changing situation which will involve a digital aspect. Our priority is putting in place a technology foundation for continued learning for all of our families. Our teachers are being actively trained in distance learning techniques and will be updating you on next steps as soon as possible.

We continue to operate our Emergency Food Program as long as our schools are closed, and will evaluate our community’s needs throughout this time period and adjust the program as appropriate.

Posted 3/25/20

NVUSD's priority is the health of the entire community while also finding ways to ensure our students continue to learn. Please read below for an update and also a request for your feedback in a short survey.

  • Currently our focus is on helping acquaint students and families with the resources we made available to you last week as a temporary solution to a short term campus closure. 
  • Although Governor Newsom mentioned that schools might stay closed until June, we have no formal confirmation that this will be our reality.  We will update parents immediately with changes or new information. 
  • State testing (the CAASPP and the ELPAC) will be suspended for the 2019-2020 school year.
  • For the parents of high school students, please look for more detailed information regarding the SAT and Advanced Placement tests coming soon.

What’s ahead?
We are actively developing robust longer-term plans in the event that school closures continue longer than anticipated. Please note that if we close campuses until June, comprehensive longer-term distance learning plans will include the following components:

  • direct standards based instruction for students
  • instructional units and lessons that require student work time
  • support and engagement with a classroom teacher
  • clear grading and assessment expectations of the work assigned
  • supplemental instructional technology to enhance the teaching and learning delivered remotely
  • guidelines for digital safety, and 
  • a schedule that can support families in organizing their children’s day

NVUSD administrators and teachers are ready to build the solution. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a crisis, but it has also presented our administrative team and NVUSD teachers with an opportunity to rethink how we deliver teaching and learning.

We are also aware that parents and families might be in need of devices to support distance, virtual learning if our closure period is extended. NVUSD has already made decisions to ensure our students have access to a device if necessary. As we attain more certain information, we will communicate our technology distribution plan so students can access the remote learning experience successfully. In addition, we know some families will need personalized support with some of the technology tools, and we look forward to providing that to the best of our ability.

Please complete our survey:
To help us understand any longer term implications of educating students, we need to hear from you. Again, please take a few minutes to fill out this survey.

Posted 3/24/20

To all NVUSD Families, 


Based on the positive community response to the NVUSD Emergency Food Program, we are increasing capacity by preparing more meals and adding a distribution site.

This week, we will be distributing food at the following locations from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm:

  • Napa High School 2475 Jefferson Street, Napa

    • In the parking lot at the front of the school office.

  • Shearer Elementary School 1590 Elm St, Napa 

    • At the curb on Elm street in front of the school.

  • NEW LOCATION - Redwood Middle School 3600 Oxford St, Napa

    • In the bus/student dropoff area at the front of the school

  • American Canyon Middle School  300 Benton Way, American Canyon 

    • In the drop off/pick up driveway in front of the school office.



  • Any NVUSD student 18 years or under is eligible to receive food.

  • Student(s) must be present at distribution.

  • No paperwork required.

  • California’s Shelter in Place order does not apply as food service is considered essential.

  • Please stay in your cars when picking up food at the sites.

  • Meals cannot be consumed on-site. 

  • Please do not congregate at the school site as we are committed to practicing social distancing.



Thank you so much for your cooperation as we work to keep our community safe and healthy.





A todas las familias del NVUSD:


En base a una respuesta positiva de la comunidad ante el Programa de Comida de Emergencia, vamos a incrementar la capacidad preparando más comidas y añadiendo otro lugar de distribución.


Esta semana, distribuiremos comida en las siguientes localizaciones entre 11:30 am - 12:30 pm:


➔   Escuela Preparatoria Napa, 2475 Jefferson Street, Napa

◆    En el aparcamiento frente a la oficina escolar.


➔   Escuela Primaria Shearer, 1590 Elm St., Napa

◆    En la acera de Elm Street, frente a la escuela.


➔   NUEVA LOCALIZACIÓN - Escuela Intermedia Redwood, 3600 Oxford St., Napa

◆    En la zona de bus/área para dejar a los estudiantes frente a la escuela.


➔   Escuela Intermedia American Canyon, 300 Benton Way, American Canyon

◆    En la zona de entrada/salida frente a la oficina escolar.



●     Cualquier estudiante del NVUSD de 18 años o menos es elegible para recibir comida.

●     El estudiante debe estar presente en el lugar de distribución.

●     No se requiere documentación.

●     La orden de Confinamiento In Situ de California no se aplica, dado que el servicio de comida es esencial.

●     Por favor, permanezcan en sus carros al ir por la comida a las localizaciones.

●     No se pueden consumir las comidas en estos lugares.

●     Por favor, no se congreguen en la escuela, dado que respetamos el distanciamiento social.


Muchas gracias por su cooperación mientras trabajamos para mantener a nuestra comunidad segura y sana.

Posted 3/23/20

NVUSD has initiated the process to transition to trustee-area based elections for the Board of Education. This requires a redistricting of the areas represented by our current trustees.

Public input is welcome and encouraged. 

Provide your input >>

Posted 3/20/20

Thank you for your patience as we navigate the multiple and layered challenges of implementing school closure and providing students with opportunities for continued learning. This is an extremely fluid situation with new developments happening hour by hour. Most recently, we heard from Governor Newsom regarding speculation of how long schools might remain closed. While the future is yet to be seen, NVUSD is actively planning for short and long-term scenarios and we are committed to updating you as soon as we have information.

In the meantime, our teachers have developed a short-term plan designed to enable continued learning activities for children in all grades. While it is not possible to match the instructional practices in our classrooms, our teachers and staff are dedicated to doing what they can to make sure learning continues. Please read below for important information on how you can help your student with continued learning at home:

  • All materials are available online. To access student learning activities digitally, please visit the homepage of your child’s school and click “Continued Learning Activities for Students,” or visit School Resources
  • If your child has difficulty logging in to Google classroom (secondary only), please follow these directions to reset the password.
  • If you do not have internet access, you can pick up a paper copy of learning activities (elementary and middle school), by visiting your school site tomorrow, Thursday, 3/19 between 1:00pm-4:00pm. The packets that are made available at school sites are intended for families with limited or no access to technology, wi-fi and/or printers. 
  • Pick-up for elementary school paper packets for families with limited or no access to technology, wi-fi and/or printers will also be available during lunch pick-up on Thursday (3/19) or Friday (3/20) from 11:30am-12:30pm at the following locations:
    • Napa High (2475 Jefferson Street, Napa)
    • American Canyon Middle School (300 Benton Way, American Canyon)
    • Shearer Elementary (1590 Elm St, Napa)

If you have any questions or are unable to pick up print copies during any of these times, please email:

For students who receive specialized instruction and services, please look for a separate communication from our Special Education department coming in the next few days.

Thank you again for your patience, support and flexibility. We feel so grateful to work alongside our amazing community and staff during this unprecedented time and will be providing frequent updates.


Gracias por su paciencia mientras navegamos por los múltiples y complejos desafíos a la hora de implementar los cierres de escuelas y proporcionar a los estudiantes oportunidades de aprendizaje continuado. Esta es una situación extremadamente fluida, con nuevos acontecimientos que acontecen hora tras hora. Recientemente, escuchamos al Gobernador Newsom especulando sobre cuánto podrían permanecer cerradas las escuelas. Aunque el futuro aún está por ver, el NVUSD está activamente planificando para tener en cuenta escenarios a corto y largo plazo, y nos comprometemos a informarles en cuanto tengamos datos.

Mientras tanto, nuestros maestros han desarrollado un plan a corto plazo diseñado para permitir actividades de aprendizaje continuado para niños y niñas de todos los grados. Aunque no es posible igualar las prácticas docentes de nuestros salones de clase, nuestros maestros y miembros del personal están dedicados a hacer lo que puedan para asegurarse de que el aprendizaje continúa. Por favor, lean a continuación información importante sobre cómo pueden ayudar a su estudiante con el aprendizaje continuado en casa:

Todos los materiales están disponibles online. Para acceder a las actividades de aprendizaje estudiantil digitalmente, por favor, visiten la página web de inicio de la escuela de sus hijos y hagan clic en “Actividades de Aprendizaje Continuado para Estudiantes”, o visiten Recursos Escolares.

■ Si sus hijos tienen dificultades para ingresar en Google classroom (solo en el caso de secundaria), por favor, sigan estas instrucciones para restaurar la contraseña.

Si no tienen acceso a internet, pueden hacerse con una copia en papel de las actividades de aprendizaje (de escuelas primarias e intermedias), visitando su escuela mañana, jueves 3/19 entre 1:00pm-4:00pm. Los paquetes que hay disponibles en las escuelas son para familias con acceso limitado a tecnología, o que no tengan acceso a tecnología, wi-fi ni impresoras.

La recogida de paquetes de documentación de escuelas primarias para familias con acceso limitado a tecnología, o que no tengan acceso a tecnología, wi-fi ni impresoras, también estará disponible durante el almuerzo el jueves (3/19) o el viernes (3/20) entre 11:30am-12:30pm en los siguientes lugares:

○     Escuela Preparatoria Napa (2475 Jefferson Street, Napa)
○     Escuela Intermedia American Canyon (300 Benton Way, American Canyon)
○     Escuela Primaria Shearer (1590 Elm St., Napa)

Si tienen cualquier pregunta o no pueden ir a por las copias impresas durante estos horarios, por favor, envíen un correo electrónico a:

Para estudiantes que reciben servicios e instrucción especializados, por favor, busquen un comunicado separado de nuestro departamento de Educación Especial, que se enviarán en los próximos días.

Gracias de nuevo por su paciencia, apoyo y flexibilidad. Nos sentimos agradecidos al trabajar con nuestra magnífica comunidad y miembros del personal durante estos tiempos sin precedentes, y les mantendremos informados con frecuencia.

Posted 3/18/20

We understand families are urgently awaiting resources for continuity of learning for your children during the COVID-19 school closure period. We also know some of you may have received messages from your principals regarding access to these resources starting today. We apologize if any messages have caused confusion or uncertainty.

Over the weekend, the California Department of Education informed local CA school districts that more specific guidelines and expectations for school work during COVID-19 closures would be shared in the days ahead. In anticipation of these guidelines, NVUSD has decided to delay the formal launch to the remote learning opportunities  until Wednesday, March 18th.

Although we cannot replace the value of instruction at school with teachers, it is our priority to ensure that students have the appropriate resources they need to continue learning and studying at home in alignment with state expectations. We will post school specific continuity of education plans by Wednesday, March 18th via the Continuity of Learning link on the NVUSD website. A district notification along with the link to access materials will be sent to families once the resources are made formally available to students. For elementary families that need paper versions of the educational resources, the district will send out a follow up message regarding the details for distribution of paper packets. Some high school and middle school teachers are also providing access to the same materials via GoogleClassroom. 

The COVID-19 situation is evolving rapidly on a daily basis. We greatly appreciate parents’ understanding and patience as we respond to the various demands and expectations the situation requires. You have our commitment to ongoing, prompt updates as we attain more information and make any decisions that impact your students’ educational experience during these unusual times.

Please stay tuned for updates, and stay healthy and safe.

Posted 3/16/20

On March 13, the NVUSD Board of Education called a special emergency meeting in response to the growing COVID-19 outbreak and made the unanimous decision to close all NVUSD schools beginning on Monday, March 16 and continuing through our scheduled spring break. At this time, we expect classes to resume on April 13.  

As such and effective immediately, NVUSD is requiring cancellation of all outside user functions at all NVUSD school sites. This ban on using NVUSD facilities will be in effect until at least April 13, 2020 and will be revised as necessary as this is a very fluid situation.

Facilitron -- the online reservation vendor used in renting NVUSD facilities -- has been informed of the restrictions and will be working to refund any outside organizations who have already made a reservation/payment. Contact Facilitron

This situation is developing rapidly. Please check our  COVID-19 Update webpage for important updates and community resources to utilize during this uncertain time. 

NVUSD staff apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this decision. However, we hope you understand this decision is grounded in our commitment to keeping student and public safety as a top priority.

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience. 

Posted 3/15/20

The NVUSD Board of Trustees approved the appointment of Stephanie VasquezStephanie Vasquez as the new principal of Canyon Oaks Elementary School, effective July 1, 2020. Vasquez, has over 21 years of administrative and classroom experience, most recently serving as a principal and vice-principal in the Vista Unified School District and the Murrieta Valley Unified School District in Southern California. 

“Stephanie is a qualified and passionate educator and is the perfect candidate to lead the amazing staff we have at Canyon Oaks,” said Dana Page, NVUSD Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. “During the interview process, her wide breadth of experience, specifically in elementary education, and demonstrated instructional leadership capabilities, stood out and impressed the hiring team,” said Page.

During her time at Vista and Murrietta Unified, Vasquez served on the lead administrative team that implemented the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), fostering the social-emotional, behavioral and academic success of all learners, including incorporating Trauma Informed Practices (TIPs) into the classroom. She also has extensive experience in faculty development, including first-best-instruction that utilizes formative assessment and an instructional performance framework to improve instruction.

Vasquez received her undergraduate and teaching credential at California State University, Fullerton, her Masters of Arts from Grand Canyon University, and her Administrative Credential from UC Irvine. She succeeds Kay Vang, who served as principal for 4 ½ years before moving to a district position in the Fiscal Services Department.

“I am thrilled to continue my professional growth as a part of the Canyon Oaks and NVUSD community. I am honored to serve as the next principal, and look forward to many exciting years ahead at Canyon Oaks,” said Vasquez.

Posted 3/13/20

NVUSD today announced that Valley Oak High School was awarded the distinction of Model Continuation High School (MCHS) by the California Department of Education. 

“I was thrilled to receive the letter of recognition from State Superintendent Tony Thurmond awarding Valley Oak with this distinctive honor,” said NVUSD Superintendent Dr. Rosanna Mucetti. “This award signifies another example of how NVUSD is committed to providing lifelong learning in each and every student in our district.”

The Model Continuation Education Recognition Program recognizes outstanding programs at schools across California and creates a resource bank of quality programs for school visitations focused on school that offer alternative settings or pathways to help students complete graduation requirements. These schools provide exemplary programs to at-risk youth through the use of innovative instructional strategies, flexible scheduling, and guidance and counseling services.

“This is a wonderful honor and underscores our commitment to continuing education,” said Principal Maria Cisneros. “I’m proud of all the teachers for the work they do everyday to make education a priority for our students. In addition, Valley Oak is fortunate to partner with community agencies that provide critical social/emotional support and experiences beyond the classroom. These efforts assist us in meeting our student learning outcomes where graduates will be effective collaborators, communicators, critical thinkers, compassionate, self-determined, creative and eco-literate citizens.”

Valley Oak HS will be recognized at the March 26 Board of Education meeting and will receive an award at a Gala during the 2020 CCEA State Conference in May.

The Model Continuation Education Recognition Program is sponsored by the California Department of Education, Educational Options Division, in cooperation with the California Continuation Education Association (CCEA).

About Valley Oak High School

Valley Oak High School is an accredited educational option for 16- to 18-year-old students who need an alternative setting and/or an alternative pathway to complete their graduation requirements. VOHS teachers and administrators are committed to helping students achieve academic and social/emotional growth through the three R's - Relationships, Relevance and Rigor – in a safe and welcoming culture that emphasizes Compassion, Respect, Safety and Responsibility.  

For more information, please visit the Valley Oak HS website

Posted 3/9/20