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2024 Graduate Morgan Crowell


American Canyon High School Senior Morgan Crowell

Morgan Crowell holds up her diploma at graduation.

Morgan Crowell’s advice for future NVUSD graduates: “Do everything you want to do while you are in high school. Explore various fields, join numerous clubs, and take different courses. But also, make time for yourself and don’t stress too much about the future—enjoy where you are now and have fun.”

We are thrilled to introduce Morgan, a proud graduate of American Canyon High School. Morgan has demonstrated remarkable dedication and leadership, both academically and athletically, throughout her time in NVUSD.

American Canyon High School Principal Mike Pearson shares, “Morgan has been a stellar student, maintaining a 4.4 weighted GPA from grades 10 through 12. She is a critical thinker, often leading class discussions and demonstrating an exceptional ability to use rhetoric in both speech and writing. Her commitment to academic excellence is inspiring.”

Morgan's English teacher, Mrs. Campoy, agrees: “Morgan is a critical thinker who often was one of the first in class to participate in discussions. Her ability to use rhetoric in both discussion and writing is nearly unmatched and demonstrates her commitment to using what she has learned. Morgan has chosen a seat near the front all year, and watching her face when something clicks or makes sense or makes her think of a new idea is what teachers go into each lesson hoping for.”

In addition to her academic achievements, Morgan has been a significant presence on the varsity tennis team, serving as captain for two years. “Morgan's leadership on the tennis court provided her with a community and an outlet she never knew she needed,” Pearson added.

Morgan's involvement in various programs, such as the Peer Court program and AP World History with Ms. Thorne allowed her to discover her passion for law. Furthermore, dual enrollment opportunities prepared her for college coursework, helping her get a head start on her general education requirements.

After graduation, Morgan will attend UCLA to pursue an undergraduate degree in political science on the pre-law track. “UCLA has one of the best political science programs in the country, and its proximity to home makes it the perfect choice,” she explained.

Reflecting on her educational journey, Morgan expressed gratitude for the support of her teachers, friends, and family. “My teachers, friends, and family have been there for me every step of the way, answering thousands of questions and providing help whenever needed.”

From her beginnings at North Hills Christian School to her transformative years at Napa Junction Elementary and American Canyon Middle School, Morgan's journey has been marked by growth and resilience. She fondly recalls her experiences, including teaching gymnastics at recess and exploring various academic fields.

We congratulate Morgan on her accomplishments and wish her all the best in her future endeavors. Her story is a testament to her hard work and the unwavering support of her family and teachers.

Congratulations, Morgan!


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