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Spotlight on Success: Access and Enrichment Through Technology

NVUSD Communications


Celebrate with us as we reflect on our 2019-2024 Strategic Plan and the many successes accomplished over the last five years. Today, we're sharing the story of how NVUSD's focus on "access and tactical, proactive, and efficient asset management" is helping enrich our students’ learning.

Gathered around a large, round table in the main atrium of New Technology High School, are five eleventh and twelfth-grade students. They are busy completing assignments on their Chromebooks during their free period.

Seated at the table is Senior Alejandro M. Alejandro believes his Chromebook allows him to be more interactive during the school day, especially with fellow students. He points to tools like the district’s Google for Education platform. It provides a secure online system where he can interact with his classmates on group projects even if they are in different locations. “We can all be in the same Google Doc making edits in real-time,” Alejandro shared. “It’s really helpful.” The other students at the table share the same sentiment.

Fellow senior Luis M. shares that this interactivity also helps him connect with his teachers. “I find it easy to interact with teachers because, even after school, I can contact them with questions,” Luis shares. Eleventh grader Christian S. couldn't agree more, sharing, “Technology is how we do everything.”

“These improvements to technology are more than just infrastructure improvements,” according to Chief Technology Officer Jordan Michels. “They benefit all students by providing a rich array of learning tools that foster learning and help build greater connection between students and teachers.” 

Over the last five years, the Napa Valley Unified School District made strategic investments in technology. The pandemic accelerated these efforts. In Spring 2020, NVUSD implemented a 1:1 device program. Teachers are now provided with MacBooks. Promethean Interactive Learning Panels, the modern whiteboard or projector, are in every classroom. TK-12 students are provided with an iPad or Chromebook. TK-5 students utilize these devices in their classroom when appropriate, while 6-12 grade students have access to devices they can also use at home. This was pivotal to NVUSD’s ability to keep teaching throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and these investments continue to enhance teaching and learning each day.

Education Technology Manager Ashley Green couldn’t agree more, sharing, “Students are quick to learn technology and they readily use their tech tools to expand their learning. For example, students in math use the Promethean panels to engage with the online curriculum. The students also use the panel’s math tools to aid in their learning. They work through math problems on a Promethean panel, together, for all to see in real-time. Students see the math problem transform. What’s amazing is that because this interactive learning is so common, students don’t criticize each other as they work through their assignments. Rather they build each other up, offering suggestions and learning alongside their peers.” 

Technology continues to enhance NVUSD’s ability to teach and learn while also connecting our NVUSD community. While these devices can’t replace the excellent teaching offered by our staff, they can help further enrich our students' learning. “Our students are not only active participants in their learning, shared Michels, but they have become active partners in their learning.” 

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