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American Canyon High's Decathlon Team Excels Again, Eyes State Championship

American Canyon High School decathletes pose for a group photo.

In a remarkable display of academic mastery, the American Canyon High Decathlon Team once again shone at the regional level, securing a spot in the California State Championships for Academic Decathlon. The team, made up of a blend of Honors, Scholastic, and Varsity students, showcased their extensive knowledge and skills across a range of subjects. This demonstration of expertise propelled them to impressive academic achievement in regionals.

The team's composition boasted impressive talent. In the Honors category, Arianne A., Linda C.J., Katherine. M., Claire M., Kian V., and Zachary Z. each brought unique strengths. Katherine M. notably secured a Silver in Art, Bronze in Economics, Silver in Essay, Gold in Music, Silver in Speech, and Silver in 12th Grade Honors. The Scholastic group, consisting of Jesus C., Elena C., and Alexandra V., also made their mark, with Jesus C. achieving Gold in Economics and Essay. The Varsity team members, Ezekiel C., Rem G., Alex M., and Haylene S., demonstrated remarkable versatility, with Ezekiel C. earning accolades in Art and Economics.

The theme for this year's competition was challenging, yet the team adapted. They excelled in subjects like Economics, Literature, Music, and Art. Their collective effort led to an impressive Bronze in the Overall Team Score and Gold in the Super Quiz Team.

As they gear up for the state competition, team members Arianne A., Katherine M., Claire M., Jesus C., Elena C., Alexandra V., Ezekiel C., Alexander M., and Haylene S. are busy sharpening their academic skills. They're also on the hunt for ways to fund their trip to the competition.

Arianne A. reflected on the team's journey to state, saying, “I truly believed in our team to qualify for state. Through the months we worked together, I saw so many people working hard, taking numerous notes, and aspiring to do their best. In my heart, I knew we would qualify to go to state; it was just a waiting game to confirm that.”

Looking ahead, Jesus C. shared his optimism and the team's preparation strategy, “I feel confident that we are going to do well as a team. We have what it takes to medal in most of the ten competitions. We are all excited about the topic and we are meeting every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday for two and a half hours in order to prepare for state.” He also highlighted a need for support, adding, “We need volunteer mock judges to help us prepare for the human element of the interview and speech events.”

The team is extending an invitation to the community to help them prepare for state. They need volunteers to act as mock judges.  If you want to volunteer, complete this short Google form.  They are also organizing fundraising activities to cover the competition expenses. Watch for dine-and-donate events or consider making a donation through the SchoolCash Online portal—open to everyone.

American Canyon High's Decathlon Team continues to stand as a beacon of academic excellence, carrying the pride of their school and county with unwavering dedication.

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