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Celebrating Bilingualism: Unidos Middle School Students Win Escribo en Español Essay Contest


California is known for its cultural diversity, and this diversity was on full display in the recent Escribo en Español writing contest organized by the Spanish Consulate in Los Angeles. The contest was open to students in grades three through twelve across the state enrolled in Spanish Bilingual/Dual immersion programs, Spanish for Spanish speakers classes, and Spanish as a foreign language classes. Participating students were required to write an essay in Spanish about an unforgettable experience (Una experiencia involvidable). Every dual immersion student at Unidos Middle School wrote an essay for the contest.

The Consulate recently announced the contest winners, and according to Principal Alejandra Uribe, “It was a moment of pride for the students, their families, and their schools.” Elaborating upon this sentiment, she noted, “We are thrilled that three of our students received the statewide ISA writing contest award! Our students are very deserving as they have worked intently in becoming bilingual and bi-literate since their elementary years. This award validates the commitment and hard work as they work on their writing skills in Spanish (and English) and move through the dual immersion pathway.”

According to Ann Dearborn, Unidos could only submit a limited number of essays per grade level. Once the students finished writing their essays, staff met and read them to select those that would advance and represent the school in the statewide competition. Elena Ingram noted, “The students selected went above and beyond in responding to that prompt both in terms of their level of Spanish and the content of their essay.” 

Zoe A., a 7th-grade student from Elena Ingram’s class, took first place for Spanish speakers in the sixth to eighth-grade category. Zoe’s essay is a thoughtful reflection on her pandemic experience. In it, she shares her passage through the phases of the pandemic and the way it changed her perspective.  

In the non-native Spanish speakers sixth through eighth-grade category, Dee D., a sixth-grade student from Ann Dearborn’s class, took second place. Dee’s essay was about her journey of processing and coming to terms with the unexpected loss of friendship. Emory D., a seventh-grade student from Elena Ingram’s class, took third place in this same category. In her essay, Emory shared her discovery of a homeless encampment. 

Zoe, Dee, and Emory will receive a certificate of recognition signed by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Thurmond, and the Education Attaché at the Consulate General of Spain in Los Angeles. They will also receive a package of books in Spanish and a copy of the 2023 Edition of the Escribo en Español. 

Escribo en Español Essay Contest Winners
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