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Erick Castro Jimenez



Meet Erick Castro Jimenez (NHS)

Whether you start in our district as a transitional kindergarten student or enroll in high school, our schools are ready to welcome and support you on your journey. Case in point, senior Erick Castro Jimenez immigrated to California from Mexico and took his first class in our district at Napa High School as a sophomore. He remembers that “the teachers and [my] classmates received me in a positive way and supported me at all times, making me feel at home, and happy.”

It is worth noting that Erick gave as much positivity as he received. Speaking of Erick his AP Spanish Language and Culture teacher, Esther Colorado said, “The Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh once said ‘Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy’ that is exactly how I used to feel every day whenever Erick was in my class.” Continuing she said, “He was a source of joy for me and for his classmates. He lives his life without letting obstacles put a frown on his face. He is definitely a joy to be around and I always remember him because of that.”


As an immigrant and English Language Learner, Erick has certainly faced his share of obstacles and he credits his experience with NVUSD staff and programs with his success. He shared with us that “the teachers, NVUSD programs, and counselors always look for a way in which the student has an approach to overcome himself,  motivating me to be a better person who prepares myself for life's obstacles.” Elaborating, he said,   “Upon my arrival at NVUSD, the district gave me the necessary tools to be a successful student, opening ways for me to attend a 4-year university.” 


In fact, next year, Erick is excited to attend Menlo College in Silicon Valley. He knows it will be a challenge and plans to establish good work habits early because, he said, “I will need to be a mentally strong person to carry out the challenge of university life.” While at Menlo he looks forward to, “experimenting with meeting people from different places which is an incredible way for me to expand my world and get more knowledge about the corporate world.” His social studies teacher, Rosalinda Hurtado, is confident he will meet this next challenge with success saying, “he is such an amazing young man. He has surpassed and succeeded all expectations for a student that has been in the country for such a short period of time. He is kind, intelligent and an amazing friend. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. I know he will do great things.”

Erick Castro Jimenez with Napa High Assistant Principal Ana Andrilla 

Erick Castro Jimenez with Napa High Assistant Principal Ana Andrilla at the 11th Annual Every Student Succeeding Awards Ceremony. You can read more about the awards here. 



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