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Community Advisory Committee (CAC) Recognizes Inclusion Award Winner NHS Choir Teacher Duncan Cooper


According to Executive Director Terri Lynne Ricetti, “The inclusion award celebrates the people at the sites who are making sure that our students are included in all areas. Over the years, it has evolved to recognize individuals who truly integrate students so students feel a real sense of belonging where they go to school.”

Mr. Cooper shared in a video played during the Board Meeting, “We have an inclusive space that increases understanding, increases connectivity,  increases culture, and it increases a sense of belonging across our school. Knowing our (choir) program can create a sense of culture and a sense of community for our whole community, outside of even Napa High School but even county-wide and the surrounding areas, that’s important to me.”

Mr. Cooper then addressed Board Trustees, Superintendent Mucetti, the Assistant Superintendents, and guests, concluding with thanks to his students, “This would not have been possible without our Napa High Choir students. They are really the ones doing the work. This generation’s ability to be inclusive, to spread love, and to speak about their emotions, that’s been really inspiring to me.”

Congratulations, Mr. Cooper!

We invite you to enjoy the entire presentation of the award by watching a replay of the moment in the embedded video below. 


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