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Kyla Martin



Kyla started as a ninth-grade student at American Canyon High School (ACHS). Over the past four years, she has earned a reputation as a successful multi-sport student-athlete and community leader in the school and surrounding community.

Reflecting on her time as an NVUSD student, the memories she has from playing soccer and track for ACHS stand out most to her. Kyla noted that “the time learning from and growing with my teammates, competing with other NVUSD students, was really an inviting experience in both sports and something I really enjoyed.”


She is grateful for the direct access to people at ACHS who helped her understand how to prepare for college. She specifical referenced access to Napa Valley College which has classrooms located on the ACHS campus. According to her ACHS counselor, Liliana Zmed, “Kyla has the strength of spirit to meet any challenge, the grace and eagerness to change the lives of others, and the intellectual ability to be a leader and agent of positive change in any of her endeavors.”


Next year, Kyla will attend Howard University in Washington D.C. where she will major in marketing with an emphasis in digital marketing and advertising sales. She is excited by the opportunity at Howard to network and pursue career opportunities. Her goal is to one day build up and market her own business.

When asked about her next phase of life, Kyla said,  “I’m interested in learning more about myself as I grow and enter a new environment with many new, diverse, people who I can build friendships and collaborative networks with.”  She also wants to “take in everything that I can from this point on because this is the start to everything after I graduate and enter a four year college.”

Kyla Martin stands on a beach in her American Canyon High School letterman jacket.

Kyla Martin stands on a beach in her American Canyon High School letterman jacket.

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