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Laura Ortiz Ortiz


Vintage High School Senior Laura Ortiz Ortiz

Vintage High School Senior Laura Ortiz Ortiz joined the NVUSD community in 2011 as she entered Kindergarten. She seamlessly transitioned from Pueblo Vista Elementary School to Redwood Middle School to Vintage High School. As a member of the Crushers, she immersed herself in all Vintage had to offer while also finding immense meaning in her classwork and extracurricular activities.

During her freshman and sophomore years, Laura took a culinary class to explore her hobby of cooking and baking. This motivated her to strive to preserve the tradition and art of cooking. She shared, “I hope I can help preserve cooking by creating sustainable alternatives that preserve the taste and memories but keep us all happy on earth.” 

As a Sophomore and then Junior, Laura took AP Spanish where she got in touch with her culture through the language and literature it offered. She shared, “AP Spanish helped me connect with my culture and identity as a first-generation Mexican-American. It became my safe space.” This past year, as a senior, she also joined Drama which she credits with helping her gain confidence in public speaking and helping to spark her creativity as she designed sets and costumes for various performances. Through these and many other classes, Laura continued her journey to learn, discover, and grow. 

Her ability to dive deeply into learning did not end there. Laura also participated in an internship program through the Advancement Via Individual Determination class, called AVID. AVID provides students with opportunities to gain college and career readiness while in high school. As a job shadow intern, she was able to explore how various college degrees might benefit her, clarify what job functions she might do and want to do, and set more realistic expectations about what a future job setting might look like. She shared, “My dream job would be a Biochemical Engineer with a focus on food science or cosmetics.” 

She shared some thoughts about her time in AVID, “Being able to bond with people who share my same professional interests, was fulfilling. I felt more certain about my major and it was fun. I hope college can help me discover my true interests and help me develop more concrete goals.” With so many experiences and opportunities for learning and growth, narrowing down the most memorable experiences was hard. However, when asked what her favorite AVID memory was, she quickly shared, “Our fall trip to CSU Monterey Bay, UC Santa Cruz, and the boardwalk, all in one day, with my friends, is what stands out. Not only was it a fun experience, going from a sandy oasis to tall redwoods to arcades, but I was also able to explore these colleges, which I then took into genuine consideration after viewing the campus and programs. It was eye-opening and helpful as I chose my next place to call home.”

As Laura looks toward her bright future, we know her next home will provide her with continued learning and growth and that will be made richer by her unique ability to engage. We know she will enjoy this next phase of her life, and we hope she can partake in the many things she loves: studying, traveling the world, trying various cuisines, and being able to explore interests like hiking, camping, and art with more freedom.

Collage of 2023 Graduate Laura Ortiz Ortiz at the VHS Graduation
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