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Abril Martinez Patino


Napa High School Senior Abril Martinez Patino

Abril Martinez Patino, a resilient and ambitious senior, walked the stage at Memorial Stadium Wednesday, June 14 with her family proudly watching her final act as a graduate from Napa High School and the Napa Valley Unified School District. Her journey in the NVUSD began when her family made the life-altering decision to move from Michocán, Mexico, to Napa as she entered the fourth grade. The move was driven by her parents' deep desire to provide Abril and her three siblings with enhanced educational and career opportunities.

Starting her educational journey at Pueblo Vista Magnet Elementary School, Abril found herself in a new environment, grappling with a language that was foreign to her. However, despite the challenges, she discovered an invaluable source of support in Mrs. Hillman, her fifth-grade teacher. Abril credits Mrs. Hillman as her backbone during those formative years. Mrs. Hillman's unwavering support, warmth, and belief in Abril's potential not only made her feel welcome but also propelled her to become fluent in English by the end of fifth grade. With Mrs. Hillman's guidance, Abril stayed motivated and always strived to do her best.

As she progressed to Redwood Middle School, Abril's determination to excel persisted. It was during her sophomore year at Napa High School that she caught the attention of Mr. King, her tenth-grade history teacher. Recognizing Abril's potential and commitment to success, Mr. King personally recruited her to join the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program. This program was designed to support students in developing the skills necessary for success in college and beyond. Embracing the opportunity, Abril became a member of the program as a junior, setting her on a path toward further growth and achievement. Throughout her high school journey, Abril found immense support from her AVID family. They became her backbone, offering unwavering guidance, encouragement, and belief in her abilities.

When reflecting on her favorite memory from the AVID program, Abril's face lights up with joy. She vividly recalls her first day of AVID, a day filled with anticipation and unfamiliar faces. However, she was met with an outpouring of warmth, joy, and love from her classmates. At that moment, Abril felt an overwhelming sense of belonging, as she realized she had found a group of people she could trust with anything.

As she looks back on her time in the AVID program, Abril expresses gratitude for the invaluable skills she developed. The program taught her essential organization, communication, and leadership skills that she believes will guide her not only through college but also in her future career and life in general. She acknowledges that without these skills, she would feel lost, emphasizing their significance in her personal and professional growth.

Now, standing at the threshold of graduation, Abril eagerly looks forward to her next chapter. She will attend UC Davis next year, where she will pursue a degree in Managerial Economics with a minor in Spanish. Her ultimate goal is to become an accountant and return to Napa to serve her community, driven by a desire to make a positive impact and uplift others.

As she embarks on this new phase, Abril is resolute in her determination to make her parents proud and serve as an inspiration to her siblings. She firmly believes that with the right mentality, a refusal to give up, and a commitment to always do her best, anything is possible in life.

Abril Martinez Patino's journey exemplifies the transformative power of education and the unwavering support of dedicated educators. With her resilience, determination, and the knowledge and skills she has acquired, Abril is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world as she forges her path toward a successful and impactful future.


Picture of NHS Graduate Abril Martinez Patino at Graduation
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