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Napa Valley Schools Shine as Exemplary Models with TeachTown's enCORE Curriculum


In Napa Valley Unified School District, schools such as Snow Elementary, Redwood Middle, Napa High, and Vintage High are making waves with TeachTown's enCORE curriculum. This innovative program, made for students with moderate to severe disabilities, covers academic, behavioral, and adaptive skills. It's a holistic approach that's really working.

Snow Elementary uses enCORE for K-5 students, covering key subjects in 36 units. Redwood Middle has 27 units, including special books for middle schoolers. Napa High and Vintage High offer courses in enCORE designed for high school. These courses use engaging materials and focus on skills needed after high school.

Special Education staff from Elk Grove observe Snow and Redwood teachers use the curriculum.

When the Elk Grove Unified School District heard about this, they sent representatives to see it for themselves.  Four of our amazing teachers hosted them:

  • Kimberly Murphy Crane at Snow Elementary 

  • Eddie Freemen at Redwood Middle

  • Shannon Middleton at Napa High

  • Tracy Kvidahl at Vintage High. 

    Terri Lynn Ricetti, Executive Director of Special Education, praised these teachers for their incredible work. She admired Kimberly's structured, high-expectation environment, Eddie's skill in teaching complex vocabulary, Shannon's joyful and mistake-friendly classroom, and Tracy's supportive space for students to grow.

    This showcases our district's dedication to special education. and serves as an example for others, like Elk Grove, looking to improve their own programs.

Special Education staff from Elk Grove observe Napa High and Vintage High teachers use the curriculum.
  • 01 - Elementary Schools
  • 02 - Middle Schools
  • 03 - High Schools