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Spotlight on Success: Amplifying Student Voice

NVUSD Communications


Celebrate with us as we reflect on our 2019-2024 Strategic Plan and the many successes accomplished over the last five years. Student Advisory Council members share their role in amplifying student voice and contributing to district-level decision-making, made possible because of NVUSD’s focus on “Student learning, achievement, and access and robust communication, community engagement and advocacy,” two of six goals in NVUSD’s 2019-2024 strategic plan. 

The Napa Valley Unified School District’s Student Advisory Council empowers students to play an active role in school-wide and district-wide decisions. American Canyon High School senior Tereese D. feels the Advisory Council aligns with her belief in the importance of student representation, especially around decisions that impact students. 

She shares, “Being a part of a group that actively seeks to incorporate and emphasize the perspectives and concerns of students into decision-making processes for the district has given me a sense of agency and impact. The opportunity to bridge the gap between student perspective and district-level decision-making has been meaningful. It has underscored the importance of fostering open communication channels between students and leadership, to ensure that policies align with the needs of the student body.” 

Lena G., an eighth grader and a Student Advisory Council representative from Redwood Middle School also feels proud to be part of the group, sharing, “I get to represent not only my school but the student body in general. It makes me happy that we get a chance to share our opinions on what the district is doing.”

The NVUSD Student Advisory Council consists of students from NVUSD middle and high schools. By design, they represent a wide variety of student perspectives. Students serve on the NVUSD Student Advisory Council for a two-year term and focus on four areas:

  • Increase students’ role in the development of LCAP goals and actions
  • Understand the basics of District funding
  • Create and put in place options to improve the student learning experience. 
  • Empower students to have a voice in their educational experience

The Council was created in 2022-2023 and identified the focus areas based on LCAP data and student focus group feedback. This year, the NVUSD Student Advisory Council deepened its work and strengthened its impact as it began taking action to learn and make progress on its goals.

Students are energized as this group continues to develop and plan for the future. Daynan H. shares, “The environment that’s been built is one of safety and it's been easy for me to share my ideas. I feel comfortable, not only with the students but with the adults.” We look forward to continuing to cultivate this rich environment for collaboration and to sharing more about the important role our students play in making meaningful change throughout our greater school community.

Amplifying Student Voice
  • 01 - Elementary Schools
  • 02 - Middle Schools
  • 03 - High Schools