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Sprinting Towards Success: NVUSD's Continuous Drive for Educational Excellence


NVUSD continues to invest in building strong systems to support learning and achievement. This is critical for establishing Ecosystems of Cariño. We must have both safe environments and high expectations for learning and achievement. To have both, we need strong systems that provide our students support as they strive for success. To support staff in this work we are engaging in Learning Sprints--a method of continuous improvement cycles.

A Learning Sprint is a data-driven decision-making method. Our professional learning, helps teachers learn how to complete a Learning Sprint. In their Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) they follow a three-step process. The first step helps them decide where they are going and what their students already know. The second step is a check-in to reflect on what they have learned mid-way through the sprint. The final step guides teachers through a reflection that helps them understand what they learned from the sprint.

We started Learning Sprints with our math and English PLCs last year, and look forward to expanding the training to all content areas. As a result, we expect to improve performance outcomes for all students in math, reading, and language development.

A picture of staff learning about professional learning communities and learning sprints.