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About District and School Communications to Parents

NVUSD places great importance on communication as we work together, with our parent community, to continually improve our schools and ensure student success.

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A: Students who will be changing schools next fall (starting 6th grade or 9th grade), or entering school (starting K or TK), are tagged in Aeries (the student database) as pre-enrolled at their next school. We want to be certain your student's new school can send you information now and over the summer. That new school will show up on your ParentSquare account. You will not receive messages sent to the school's current (2018-2019) families, but only the messages intended for incoming families. Thank you!


We know that everyone prefers certain types of communication, and we have developed several to accommodate all families in our district: emails, text messages, phone calls and postal mail.

However, we cannot provide parents with communication if we do not have their needed contact information on file at our schools. It is very important for all parents to provide ALL of these on the student emergency form at the beginning of each school year: mailing address, mobile and home phone numbers, and email address.

NVUSD uses ParentSquare for auto-communications using primarily text messages and emails. A ParentSquare account is automatically created for each parent, using their preferred email address and mobile phone number. Parents are encouraged to register their ParentSquare accounts so that they can set preferences for the type of message they want to receive and how often.

Did you opt out of a message type, but want to opt back in?

How to Stay Informed

Contact Info

Provide your contact information to your school at the beginning of each school year (fill out the Student Emergency Information Form in the student information packet).


When you receive notifications, you can choose how you want to be contacted. You can opt out of the communication method you do not want. Note: opting out of a communication method will be applied to both district and school messages.


IMPORTANT: Please notify your school office immediately if your contact information changes during the school year.


Opting Back In


Access your ParentSquare account online, via desktop or mobile app, and change the preferences in your account.


Access your Peachjar account online and change the preferences in your account.



  • Opting back into a communication method will be applied to both district and school messages.
  • To opt in with a new phone number or email address, please contact your school office.

We Contact You!

Why we need your...


  • Emergency notification texts and calls (ParentSquare)
  • Attendance notification texts and/or calls (ParentSquare)
  • Outreach texts (events or information of interest) (ParentSquare)


  • Emergency notification emails (ParentSquare)
  • Attendance notification emails (ParentSquare)
  • Outreach emails (events or information of interest) (ParentSquare)
  • Electronic flier emails (District, school and community organization information) (Peachjar)
  • NVUSD e-newsletters (ParentSquare)


  • Direct phone call if you cannot be reached on the mobile number in an emergency.


  • Official District or school business that may require a signature.

You Can Bookmark and Like Us!


Bookmark the District and your school website(s) so you can easily visit them.


The District and most schools use social media to share information.

Check your school's website for its social media links.


Contact the Office of Communications

To update your contact information, please contact your school office.

To opt back into a communication method if you opted out, see "Opting In" instructions above.


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