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An Update from NVUSD Superintendent-No Tolerance For Racism & Hate
Posted 7/23/20

Dear NVUSD Community,

Last night we hosted Parent Engagement sessions over the course of three hours -- from Elementary, to Middle School, to High School. It was a pleasure to virtually connect with many of you -- we had more than 2,500 participants! I am grateful for your ongoing support and partnership.

It’s been less than a week since we made the announcement that we would start the school year online and provided two options for families on how they preferred to have their children return to school in the fall. Understandably, this triggered many questions. While we were able to address many of your questions, we know there are more. For now, please check our FAQ and our Zoom archived links to the meetings which will be available on our website soon. Please fill out the Enrollment Option Form by Wednesday, July 29 to indicate your preferred option. We’ve already received 4,000 completed forms but we need more to help us continue planning for how we start school in the fall.

No Tolerance for Racism and Hate and Reason for Chat Option Interruption during Elementary Reopening Schools Parent Meeting July 22nd

I wanted to also apologize for those on our first virtual meeting with elementary school parents, as we unfortunately had a participant that used the chat feature to broadcast extremely hurtful and racist comments. We were shocked and immediately shut off the chat feature option to silence the hurtful language. Given the importance of the reopening schools topic, we intentionally wanted to elicit questions and comments from families during our forum. Sadly, this single person interrupted the opportunity for our parents to engage in the forum via chat as we had to deactivate the option to receive questions and comments. We apologize and are actively investigating this incident through our technology department and have reported the incident to the Napa Valley Police Department for investigation.

As the leader of NVUSD, I want the community to know that we have zero tolerance for this type of unacceptable and racially derogatory language and the painful impacts it has on individuals in our NVUSD community. It is important that all of our students, families, and staff, including the members of my leadership team, know that we are committed to creating a culture of inclusiveness and equity that greatly values diversity. I am personally grateful and proud that diversity is reflected within our senior leadership team in NVUSD while I firmly believe it serves as an asset as we lead the district in service to your children.

Here's the bottom line - we want your children engaged and learning in our district. Part of that learning means ensuring that our district is committed to creating a culture of inclusiveness and antiracist beliefs and actions. It is important that we remain committed to our equity policy and our nondiscrimination/ anti harassment policy always, even while we face the stressful demands of the pandemic. This incident only serves as more motivation to continue advancing the concepts we shared in our equity statement at our June board meeting. There are no excuses and no tolerance for racism when serving as an institution responsible for creating equity and excellence in education. 

We are as passionate as ever to bring excellent education to our students no matter what environment we are in. And, we feel confident that the people, places and practices at NVUSD can. We look forward to connecting with you again in future virtual parent forums as we prepare to open the 2020-2021 school year in partnership with our families during these unprecedented times.

In collaboration and community,

Rosanna Mucetti, Ed.DSuperintendent
Napa Valley Unified School District