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The Evolution of ADA Website Accessibility

By now we’ve all heard of the Americans with Disabilities Act or the ADA. Interestingly, it was the by-product of the civil rights legislation passed during the 1960s. The ADA was established to guarantee that people with disabilities have access to services, goods, and public accommodations and have the same opportunities as everyone else to participate in the mainstream of America life. But with all the acronyms, sections, and titles, it can be a bit confusing for us. How did this lead to website compliance issues for our school and District websites?

This article provides the whole timeline with lots of background and sorts out the confusing details. Topics include:

  • How it came about
  • How did this all become a website compliance issue for your school website?
  • The risks of noncompliance under Title II and Section 508
  • The risks of noncompliance under Title III
  • What are compliance standards?
  • What's next?