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Meal Prices and Payment

School Meal Prices


  • Breakfast $1.25  
  • Reduced Breakfast $0.30
  • Lunch $3.25   
  • Reduced Lunch $0.40


Secondary (Middle & High Schools)

  • Breakfast $1.50    
  • Reduced Breakfast $.30
  • Lunch $3.50  
  • Reduced Lunch $0.40


All Schools

  • Milk Only (student or adult) $0.50
  • Adult Breakfast $2.25
  • Adult Lunch (includes milk) $4.00


Paying for School Meals


Every student automatically has a meal account and may purchase meals each day. You can set up an online payment account at Titan (see above). With an online account you can make credit card or debit card payments to your child’s account, monitor their balance and set up alerts to let you know when their account balance is getting low.



You may also pay by check or cash at your school cafeteria or the Food Service office.  Please make checks payable to "school name - FS" (for example,  Alta Heights - FS). The Food Service Office is located at 2425 Jefferson St., Rm 106.



If you as the parent/guardian do not want your child to have access to the meal account you must call the Food Service Office at 253-3541 and request a freeze be put on the account. A student may always purchase a meal with cash even if the account has been frozen.

Did You Receive a Message about a Negative Lunch Account Balance?

Students with a negative lunch account will still receive a hot meal.  

For questions about a negative balance, please call (707) 253-3541.  Thank you.