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Reopening Schools


first day of school is august 20

On July 16 the NVUSD Board of Education approved plans for a phased approach to open schools this year, with the full intent of bringing students back into the classroom as soon as is safe to do so.

Until that time, we will be starting school in an online/distance learning format. We have created a new, much more robust distance learning model for this first phase, including greater accountability with teachers and support staff, taking attendance and many additional expectations.

During Phase One, when all students are learning online, we will not assign cohorts based on the learning option families initially chose. Instead, class lists by school and teachers will remain stable and the class will all learn together virtually. Once we move into Phase Two, and we are able to return to campus in some capacity, we will re-survey families, with the goal of receiving feedback reflective of families' preferred choice at that time.

Once we are closer to a Phase Two action plan, we will communicate the options and articulate the conditions we will operate under in Phase Two. Given the constantly changing health conditions under this pandemic, we hope families will feel more confident choosing a learning option closer to the time when we move out of Phase One. 

During Phase One, when all students are learning remotely, they will have access to their full schedules and teachers. Once we eventually move into Phase Two/Three (hybrid in-person phases), those students choosing to come to campus will do so within their same small cohorts and with an AM/PM staggered schedule as we have described in past communications. Students who are not returning to campus will “attend” their same classes with their same teachers and peers via a webcasting tool that connects them synchronously to the live instruction that will take place in every classroom. In this model, they will continue learning, with their peers, by watching live instruction in real time with the teacher in the classroom while staying at home. This allows for consistency in teaching, schedules and cohorts between students. Most importantly, it ensures our middle school and high school students will have access to the full programming available at their schools. Students and parents will no longer need to be concerned about limitations in course offerings as students will have access to the full schedule of classes they signed up for in the 2020-2021 school year.

Lastly, in order to effectively manage the blended classroom during Phase Two and Phase Three, students must choose if they will take a virtual or in-person “seat” in the classroom. Students will not be allowed to switch back and forth. Changing your virtual or in-person choice will require a formal request and process. We will survey parents again about their enrollment choice as we approach the implementation of Phase Two and Phase Three.

Watch these virtual parent engagement sessions hosted by NVUSD leaders regarding the updated reopening plans:

frequently asked questions
Updates in progress

Learning Options Based on Data-Driven Planning

COVID-19 Response Task Force 

We convened more than 30 teachers, parents, administrators and health experts to tackle the challenges of opening in the fall.  NVUSD's re-opening school goals:

  • Bring as many students back into the classrooms as possible;
  • Adhere to public health guidelines to ensure the health and safety of students and staff; 
  • Develop structures that meet the needs at each level;
  • Provide virtual access to classrooms (ideally in real-time) as an alternatives to in-person attendance 
  • Create a plan and be ready for stricter health guidelines if necessary.

Please see our  Covid-19 Task Force webpage for details on our work, including agendas and resources.


Please review our Reopening FAQ and information page. If you still have questions, please contact