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Farewell to Our Retiring Staff


Happy Retirement

Thank you for the hard work you have put in, for the support you have given and for the help you have provided.

May your retirement be filled with many rewards of joy and fulfillment!


Name Location Years with NVUSD
Dixie Batto Food Services


Lori Glenn Technology  22
Laurie Golding Technology 18
Maria Gutierrez Shearer  14
Don Hattala Technology 41
Diane Lockhart Northwood 22
Julie Medeiros Harvest MS 28
Sara Morris Health Ed Services 13
Steven Privett M & O 24
Terri Ritchie Willow 22
Sherrie White Willow 18
Stefanie Williams ACMS 12


Name Location Years with NVUSD
Willow Amey Alta Heights 9
Joanna Baker Alta Heights 6
Cynthia Bettini ACHS 16
Deborah Bryant Vintage HS 26
James Christman Redwood MS 45
Pam Condos Special Ed 35
Paige Dearden Vichy 29
Michele Donohue Canyon Oaks 25
Kay Folks Napa Junction 22
Russell Grindle Special Ed 6
Judith Ingram NVLA 24
David Kearney-Brown NVLA 24
Sandra Killian ACMS 20
David Lockhart Vintage HS 23
Sabrina Lui ACMS 21
Lisa Miller Silverado MS 32
Regina Rasmussen Shearer 16
Sandra Reeve Vintage HS 22
Maren Rocca-Hunt Human Resources 15
Dorothy Shelley NVLA 21
Louann Talbert River 13
Guillermo Torres Shearer 23
Mary Ann Valles Instruction 3