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Summer Learning Resources for K-5

We recommend that ALL students read or be read to daily and continue to develop their math problem-solving skills as well as continue to develop their curiosity about the world around them.

This year NVUSD is partnering with the Napa County Library to bring you Dig Deeper, Read! a fun and easy way to keep track of your reading activity over the summer break. You can even earn prizes!

Find great books to read and listen to on Sora, Tumblebooks, and Hoopla without ever leaving your house! Get more information, reading suggestions, and sign up to Dig Deeper, Read!

Summer Reading
Click to explore reading resources and track your reading!


K-2 Online

K-2 Offline

  • Play games with dice, dominoes, or a deck of cards.

  • Go on a math hunt: What shapes or numbers do you see? How many cylinders can you find? Can you find patterns?

  • Money: talk about coins and their values. Practice counting by 1s, 5s, 10s. Practice making equal values (2 nickels is the same as 1 dime).


Read any book then use 5 questions to talk about the story: who, what, where, when, why/how

Review and learn sight words by:

  • Rainbow writing the word in one color then saying it then spelling it.

  • Play Oh No!

Directions for 5 questions, rainbow writing and Oh No!


  • Write letters to family, friends or even your teachers.

  • Write stories about their favorite things.

  • Keep a notebook to write about summer activities they do.

  • Write about what they are thankful for each day.

  • Let your child write your shopping list for groceries/supplies.

  • Write a how to piece that can teach someone how to do something.

  • Create an ABC book and add words and pictures for each letter.

Go for a 5 senses walk: What do you see? Hear? Smell? Taste? Feel?

Write down the temperature each day for one week. Which day was the warmest? Coolest?

Use Britannica to read about an animal you want to know more about then:

  • Build a habitat for your animal with legos or blocks

  • Draw a picture of what your animal needs to survive

  • Write a book that teachers your family facts about your animal.

3-5 Online

3-5 Offline

  • Look for real-life math experiences - adding up the cost of groceries, or calculating the budget

  • Take nature walks and have your child draw things that they observe.

About this page

These websites include games and activities that will help students build their skills. Be sure to explore all of them to help continue learning over the summer.

Some of the sites will ask you to sign up -- but all sites are FREE. Once you sign up you have access to their games and lessons.

Participation in these activities is intended to support the growth of students in the areas of math, reading and science during the summer break.